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Jiangte technology co., LTD., professional production and sales of stainless steel pipes、Stainless steel pipe fittings、Stainless steel conduit pipes,Is a setPP-RFamily hardback tube(White)、PP-RFamily hardback tube(Green)、Stainless steelPP-RMultiple tube、Boutique plumbing。 Engineering、Municipal system:PEFeed pipe、PEThe gas pipe、HDPESolid wall drainage outfall、HDPEDouble-wall corrugated pipe、Underground drainage enhanced polyethylene with steel belt(PE)Spiral corrugated pipe、PE-RTA large floor heating pipe and pipe fitting manufacturers。.....

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Focus on pipe manufacturing18Years,Guardian family drinking water health for you,Leading the city clean pipeline construction.Jiangte tube,Work life

The installed systemThe whole house custom experts

1.Security、Health:Green building materials,Healthy environmental protection
2.Corrosion resistance、Do not scale:To avoid congestion caused by pipeline corrosion and scaling
3.Resistance to high temperature、High pressure:Piped water temperature up to95℃
4.Beautiful shape:Inside and outside the wall smooth,Fluid resistance is small,Aesthetically pleasing
5.Easy installation:USES the hot melt connection,A few seconds to complete,Safe and reliable
6.Long service life:Life is up to50Years of above

The project of municipal systemDo the project

1.Unique structure,High strength,Excellent compressive resistance to impact;
2.The lining is smooth,Low friction resistance,Big circulation;
3.Corrosion resistance,Non-toxic pollution-free,Environmental performance;
4.Connection is convenient,Sealed joint,No leakage;
5.Light weight,Transport is convenient,The intensity of labor is low,Construction progress fast,Short time limit,Low cost;
6.With good weatherability and long-term thermal stability,Buried service life of more than 50 years。

PEGas pipeline systemSecurity to see see

1.Good corrosion resistance:Erosion resistant to many kinds of chemical medium、No condensation、No leakage,
2.Long service life:The temperature≤60℃,Long service life50Years
3.Safety performance is good: No dark bury joint、Not a flat
4.High resistance to impact:Good toughness,Weight does not lead to a broken line
5.Flame retardant performance is good:Antistatic、Flame retardant performance is stable
6.Construction is simple and convenient:Easy to bend,Don't bounce,Joint less suitable for gas、Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)、Thermal gas and other gas medium

Power pipeline systemThe escort for you

1.MPPPipe with excellent electrical insulation properties;
2.With high heat distortion temperature and low temperature impact performance;
3.Tensile、The compressive performance ratioHDPEHigh;
4.Light、Smooth、Friction force is small、Can heat welding butt

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